When Should I Replace My Commercial Garage Door?

When Should I Replace My Commercial Garage Door?

Your commercial garage door may be the entry to your restaurant or secure the place where you store your most precious inventory. Besides the aesthetic appeal it provides for your business, it also protects your assets from weather damage, theft and vandalism. After a few years of repairs and maintenance, you may be wondering whether you should upgrade to a new garage door and how much it usually costs to replace a garage door. Typically, it’s less expensive to replace an old garage door than to pay the cumulative costs of getting it fixed again and again. Explore when you […]

Amazon Garage Delivery: What Is It and How Does It Work?

“Can Amazon deliver to my garage?” Amazon has released a new delivery system for Prime members called Amazon Key. Garage delivery is a safe alternative to dropping your boxes at the front door. In this guide, we’ll answer some of the top questions users have about signing up for Amazon Key for Garage. How Does Amazon Garage Delivery Work? How Do I Set Up Amazon In-Garage Delivery? Do I Need a Camera for In-Garage Delivery Service? Is Amazon myQ Garage Delivery Safe? Is My Garage Door Compatible With Amazon myQ Garage Delivery? Which Garage Door Openers Are Compatible with Amazon […]

The Importance of Garage Door Safety for Children

The garage door is a tool used by everyone in the family so it’s vital that everyone in the family also knows how to use it properly to avoid injury. Here are some things to talk about with your kids to help them understand and be safe around the garage door. When your kids understand better how the garage door system works, they’ll be less likely to fiddle with it when they’re feeling curious. Go over the garage door system with them, including the following parts to help them understand how important it is: Spring System Show them the extension […]

Why is DIY Garage Door Replacement Dangerous

The modern garage has grown to be a foundational part to the contemporary home. To you it could be an extra storage space, while others may use it as a cool hang-out spot. To city dwellers, a garage can be a blessing. In any case, your garage can prove very useful, so as a result, it is important for you to take care of your garage through thick and thin. Commonly, the worse times can occur to your garage door in particular. Being the good homeowner you are, you will do anything to fix the situation, but what you should […]

5 Garage Door Installation Safety Tips

It’s one of the hardest-working doors in your home—yet it is one of its most neglected components, and as a result, one of the least safe. Garage doors weigh around 400 pounds, and may be raised and lowered several times each day. A 1000 pound-pressure spring helps the garage perform its up and down tasks, and if it malfunctions, serious or even fatal injuries could result.   Sooner or later, a garage door’s mechanical parts wear out, or the garage door itself begins to show signs of wear and tear due to the extremes of Michigan winters and repeated daily […]


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