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Garage Door Bottom Weather Seal Replacement in Lansing, MI

A bottom seal, also called a weather seal or weather stripping, is an essential part of your garage door. Weather seals help you maintain your garage door and protect the items in your garage. Installing and maintaining a bottom weather seal is also a cost-effective solution for conserving energy.

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What Is the Bottom Seal?

The bottom seal keeps water, debris and drafts out of your garage. Combined with seals on the top and sides of your garage door, the seal helps insulate your space. You’ll notice the difference when less warm air escapes during colder months and when your garage retains cool air during the summer.

Using weather stripping helps lower any energy costs associated with heating and cooling your garage. Weather stripping that conforms to uneven concrete has a more airtight seal, so pliable materials are the best options. Two of the most common weather stripping materials are rubber seals and vinyl seals. Both rubber seals and vinyl seals can sustain damage over time, and they must be replaced to avoid more significant problems. Other seals involve metals like aluminum and other materials like reinforced foam.

Six Signs Your Garage Door Weather Seal Needs Replacement

Weather stripping shows visible signs of wear after years of exposure. Environmental conditions, material and other factors affect how often you need to replace your bottom garage door seal. Harsh conditions like heavy rain, extreme cold and temperature fluctuations speed up the process. Fortunately, worn bottom seals present noticeable signs of needing repair or replacement.

You may need to look into garage door bottom seal services if you experience one of these six signs:

  1. Drafts from the wind: If you feel a draft, your weather stripping is allowing air to pass through.
  2. Leaks or puddles of water: When water puddles appear near the door, it’s a clear sign that the bottom seal is leaking.
  3. Cracks: Seeing cracks and other damage means your seal is weathered from exposure and should be replaced.
  4. No insulation: If the garage’s temperature feels like the weather outside, you’re losing warm or cool air and the money it takes to run your heating and air conditioning unit.
  5. Sunlight: When you see sunlight between the floor and your seal, it’s time to replace your bottom seal with new material that reaches the floor.
  6. Corrosion: Moisture in your garage causes metal on or around your garage door to rust when the weather stripping stops working properly.

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