Door Frame Repair

Garage Door Frame Repair in Lansing, MI

Your garage door’s frame serves as the foundation for the door itself. When it gets damaged or worn down, you can face structural issues that can affect the door. At Ingstrup, we help homeowners and businesses get the garage door repairs they need. We can fix your garage door frame for beautiful results that keep your belongings secure.

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Benefits of Getting Professional Frame Repairs

If you consider doing DIY repairs on your garage door frame, think about the ways an expert can help. Our professionals can give you several benefits over a DIY job, including:

  • Safety: Professional garage door technicians understand how to make repairs safely. They know the right practices for fixing garage door frames, and they’ll keep themselves and your home safe.
  • Reliability: When you hire an expert to fix your garage door frame, they’ll make repairs that last. Their professional results will have a longer lifespan that saves you money over time.
  • Thoroughness: Your garage door could need additional repairs because of structural issues you don’t recognize. An expert can identify all of your door’s needs to give you high-quality results.
  • Quality: Garage door experts have the tools, resources and skills to give you top-quality results. They can also perform repairs much more efficiently than a DIY job, saving you time.
  • Warranty and liability: Some garage door warranties will require you to get professional repairs to stay covered. Licensed technicians also have liability coverage to protect everyone in case an accident happens.

At Ingstrup Garage Door, we offer friendly customer service. You’ll get personalized results in a one-on-one process. In other words, you can expect the same personal touch as a DIY project offers — but with professional results.

Garage Door Frame Replacement in Lansing and Grand Rapids, MI,

Commercial and home customers across Lansing and Grand Rapids choose us for top-quality garage door services. When you request our assistance, you’ll enjoy benefits such as:

  • Carpentry experience: Our team has training in carpentry and garage work. As a result, we can create a sturdy frame that supports your garage door properly.
  • World-class expertise: At Ingstrup, we work with parts from a wide range of manufacturers. Our experts understand how to fix a garage door in just about any home.
  • Industry-leading parts: We stock high-end components from industry innovators like Clopay®. Our top-quality parts provide long-lasting results that you can count on.
  • Prompt service: When we receive a service call, we’ll strive to make repairs within 24 hours. We can also accommodate some special cases that require us to stay on the job later.

We have more than 25 years of history filled with top-quality results and satisfied customers. Experience the difference for yourself by calling or sending a message to Ingstrup.

Count on Ingstrup Garage Door for Quality Frame Replacements

Get in touch with us today to begin your garage door frame repairs. Our team will identify the issue with your garage door frame and find the perfect solution for your needs. You can call us today at (517) 374-4731, complete our online form for a convenient service request or get a free estimate.

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