Commercial Doors for Colleges and Universities

Durable overhead commercial doors are a necessity in colleges and universities. These high-traffic facilities are usually filled with people, which creates a need for doors that can withstand heavy use. Additionally, commercial doors can provide enhanced security, protecting students, staff, valuable equipment, research and more. 

At Ingstrup Garage Doors and Construction, we offer top-of-the-line commercial doors for schools. Our team is also skilled at installation and repair to help ensure your overhead doors deliver the best performance. 

Our Commercial Door Products for Schools

Commercial doors are used for various applications in a school setting, mainly for security. We carry a wide selection of commercial doors and products from trusted manufacturers, such as Clopay® and LiftMaster.  

  • Security grilles: These security doors are available in coiling aluminum or steel grilles. They are ideal for safeguarding a space that requires visibility and air circulation, like hallways, computer labs, and dining halls or cafeterias. 
  • Roll-up sheet doors: Our roll-up sheet doors are constructed with steel and can be used in universities to protect areas where valuable equipment is being stored, such as facilities and maintenance buildings.  
  • Counter door shutters: Our counter door shutters are the perfect addition for enhanced security in cafeterias, concession stands and other counter openings. These fire-rated school security doors offer resistance to flames and smoke penetration. 
  • LiftMaster operators: We offer a wide selection of LiftMaster operators for improved operation of your commercial doors. These high-quality openers come with various features, from software integration to added safety measures. 

Services We Provide

We provide reliable commercial door services for universities and colleges. Our expert technicians have extensive experience working with commercial doors of various models and can help with: 


Once you’ve selected a commercial door that suits your requirements, our experienced team can handle the installation. Our technicians will remove your existing doors and safely dispose of them. During installation, we use high-quality tools and follow industry-standard methods to install your new door efficiently. 


We can help you promptly address any commercial door issues with our repair services to ensure minimal disruptions to your institution. Our team comes prepared with tools and can quickly identify the problem and conduct the necessary repairs. 


Maintenance is crucial to keep things running smoothly in any university or college. We offer commercial door maintenance to help extend the life span of your door and prevent repairs down the line. 

Why Choose Ingstrup Garage Doors and Construction?

Ingstrup Garage Doors and Construction is a locally owned company with decades of experience serving commercial and residential properties. We work with high-quality doors and products from reputable brands to ensure your commercial doors have reliable and long-lasting performance. 

Our expert technicians are dedicated to providing quality workmanship on every project we tackle. You can expect fast and outstanding service when you choose us for your security door needs.  

Connect With Us for Quality Security Doors for Schools

We are a trusted source of premium commercial doors for colleges and universities. From an extensive line of quality doors to reliable services, you can count on Ingstrup Garage Doors and Construction to handle the job. Contact us to learn more today.

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