How to Prepare for a New Garage Door/Opener Installation

We’re often asked if there is anything you need to do to prepare for this day and the answer is YES! Before having your garage door and/or opener installed, there are actually several things you can do to be well prepared. Completing the checklist below will ensure that the technicians will be able to provide you with a smooth and fast installation of your new garage door and/or garage door opener.

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Getting Ready for Your Installation

1. Remove all vehicles from the garage and driveway.

Garage door technicians cannot begin work until the cars are removed from the garage. Our technicians will need full access to the garage, especially the area under the opener, tracks, and springs. In addition to removing the vehicles from the garage, you’ll need to leave the area in front of the garage opening clear. This space will be utilized by the technicians for their service vehicle, as well as for unloading materials and carrying out their work.

2. Clean the work area.


Move all items at least 12-15 feet back from the front of the garage. This allows plenty of space for the technicians while they work, as well as ensuring the protection of your valuables. This area will provide the technicians unrestricted access to the garage bay, allowing them to install the door, tracks, openers, and other necessary components.

Your garage doesn’t have to be completely clean but the areas on each side of the opening should also be cleared back 2-3 feet of any storage items, bicycles, tools, boxes, and anything that can get in the way of the installation (see diagram for reference). Remove any decorations that you may have around or hanging on your garage door that is being replaced. This includes Christmas lights, hanging plants, wreaths, etc.

3. Confirm power is available.

Please make sure that there is power available on the day of installation. The technicians may need power to run their tools and to test your garage door opener.

4. Be sure you’re available.

It’s best to be present when your installation team arrives. The technicians shouldn’t need supervision while they’re working but you should remain accessible by phone or in-person in case any questions arise.

5. Finally, stay clear!

Stay clear of the installer while they are working. This includes keeping kids and animals away from the install area as well. Garage door removal and installation is dangerous and should only involve technicians.

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