Garage Door for Restaurants and Breweries

For many, a garage door is just another entryway for a space. Visions of your garage at home or the long aisle of garages at a storage facility might come up. However, garage doors offer plenty of visual appeal, contributing to your restaurant’s brand and ambiance. They also provide robust security and interlink spaces. With careful design and planning, your door can be more than just a functional barrier.

Our Wide Range of Garage Doors

We are committed to delivering quality garage doors for all types of industries. We offer diverse doors for the restaurant and brewery sector, with energy efficiency, high-functioning excellence and modern aesthetics. We have everything from tuck-away overhead, full-view glass and sleek metal doors. We can also provide doors that will blend seamlessly into your existing architecture or options that stand out for a bold design.

Aluminum and Glass Doors

Combining aluminum and glass in a garage door allows restaurants and breweries to prioritize visibility and natural lighting within a contemporary aesthetic. The secret is the aluminum framing. Aluminum is known for being a lightweight metal that’s durable and rust-resistant. It also has a smooth, modern feel and can be painted or anodized with color. 

Clopay®’s Architectural Series of aluminum and glass doors will keep performance at the top of your list. While they come in a range of colors and styles, they are also designed for efficiency. Commercial doors must meet higher demands than residential ones, which is why they are engineered to operate more smoothly and reliably.

Ribbed Steel Commercial Doors

The Clopay Industrial Series of overhead ribbed steel doors is an option for those who want enhanced security. These can be fitting if your restaurant has an industrial, robust feel or if you have a warehouse. Windows and insulation are optional, and these doors offer a range of colors. Ribbed is the standard texture, but these doors also come in flush or raised panel designs. 

Other Types of Overhead Doors

Certain restaurants might need a different type of door. A counter door could suit you better if you have a concession area or a cafeteria-type setup. It can be branded with images or your company logo and offers a high level of security. Another huge benefit is its fire rating. These doors are specifically constructed to resist flames and smoke penetration.

Services We Offer

Choosing Ingstrup Garage Doors and Construction comes with a suite of services catering to all aspects of your restaurant garage door. These include the following:

  • Consult: We will go through the options available for you and give you color samples upon request. We will listen to your vision and advise you on insulation, security and design options.
  • Installation: We handle everything. We’ll remove your current garage door, dispose of it and install your new door to ensure everything works perfectly.
  • Maintenance and repair: If you need preventive maintenance or a repair job in the future, feel free to contact us. Our maintenance program helps extend your door’s life span and prevents the need for costly repairs in the future.

Contact Ingstrup Garage Doors and Construction for More Information

If you need bar garage door ideas or want to explore your options for glass garage doors, we can help. We are a Clopay garage door dealer in Lansing, Michigan, and have been in service for over 25 years. If you are looking for a commercial garage door to be installed at your restaurant or brewery, we are your team. Reach out to us online to begin the process.

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