Garage Door Spring Repairs in Lansing

Your garage doors’ springs deliver the tension that allows them to open and close. That means a broken spring can render your entire door unusable and even dangerous. Luckily, you can restore functionality to your garage doors by booking torsion or extension spring repairs from qualified professionals.

Invest in garage door spring repairs in Lansing from Ingstrup Garage Doors and Construction. We’ve spent over 25 years providing Michigan residents with high-quality repair and installation services, and we want to do the same for you.

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When garage door springs break, they often produce a loud, almost explosive sound. However, broken springs can be harder to identify when you’re not around to hear them snap. Other signs you may have a broken garage door spring include:

  • Crooked door positioning
  • Loose cables
  • Visible gaps in the springs
  • Abnormal door heaviness
  • Noisy operation
  • Partially raised door
  • Fast or jerky door movement
  • Slow door movement

If you experience any of these issues, it’s time for garage door spring repairs from Ingstrup. When you call us, our experienced technicians will visit you at your location to identify the cause of the breakage and deliver the necessary repairs using high-quality tools and components for lasting performance. We set ourselves apart from the competition by providing our customers with transparent pricing before we start their projects.

Extension spring of a garage door

Torsion Spring Repairs

Torsion springs are the large coiled springs mounted above the garage door that wind and unwind to raise and lower it. These parts counterbalance the door’s weight by lifting simultaneously from both sides to ensure smooth and level operation.

We consider materials and labor when determining pricing for standard garage door torsion and extension spring repairs. This cost also covers center bearing and cable replacements.

Extension Spring Repairs

Extension springs are installed on either side of the garage door and expand and contract to move the door. These smaller springs are typically used in tighter, more limited spaces.

If one of your extension springs breaks, we’ll replace them both to ensure safe and efficient door operation. Our extension spring repair pricing is billed hourly, though we rarely go over an hour for our service calls. If we do, we charge for each additional 15 minutes. You can pay extra to convert your extension springs to torsion springs.

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You can book expert extension or torsion spring repairs for your garage door at Ingstrup. We’re proud to serve as Lansing’s most trusted residential garage door service professionals.

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