Backup Battery Replacement

Garage Door Backup Battery Replacement in Lansing, MI

Your garage door opener’s backup battery keeps your door working when the power goes out. When this vital part of your garage door system stops working, count on Ingstrup Garage Door.

We can replace your backup battery and make any other necessary repairs for your system to function properly. If your door doesn’t have a backup battery, we can also install a new one for you.

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Why Use a Garage Door Opener Battery Backup?

A backup battery provides power to your garage door opener during an outage. These 12-volt units go inside or over the opener housing to run your opener without electrical power. The benefits of a backup battery include:

  • Safety: Backup garage door batteries allow you to open and close your garage door during storms and other emergencies. You can keep yourself and your car safe from the elements or theft in the worst situations as a result.
  • Affordability: Garage door openers with backup batteries tend to cost only $50 to $60 extra than openers without them.
  • Dependability: A backup battery lets you count on your garage door in a variety of situations. When the power goes out, you’ll still have a secure, dry place for your car.
  • Versatility: You can install a backup battery in opener models that go as far back as 2003. Many garage door openers take or already include this useful accessory.

When your backup battery stops working, you miss out on these features. Fortunately, we can replace your battery and make any other repairs needed to get it working again.

Wi-Fi and Smartphone Garage Door Openers in Lansing and Grand Rapids, MI

If you need a full replacement for your garage door opener, you’ll find that today’s models have more advanced features than ever. Smartphone-controlled and Wi-Fi openers will let you control your garage’s security from anywhere.

Our Wi-Fi and smartphone-compatible openers include the LiftMaster® Elite Series 8550W and LiftMaster Elite Series 8500W. Garage door openers that provide these wireless features will give you remote control from far away as well as ongoing alerts.

Services for Garage Door Openers With Battery Backups in Grand Rapids and Lansing, MI

At Ingstrup Garage Door and Construction, we offer a wide range of garage door services. We can provide a replacement for your old backup opener battery and install it on-site. Our customers choose our garage door repair services for reasons such as:

  • Promptness: We’ll respect your time. Our technicians strive to come to every service appointment on time and meet each request within 24 hours.
  • Reliable parts: Our business stocks batteries and parts from industry leaders like LiftMaster. We can find a compatible component for your garage door and opener.
  • Top-quality craftsmanship: A combination of high-quality parts and extensive experience leads to results that last. We complete jobs of every size with dedication.

We have more than two decades of experience working with homeowners and businesses in Grand Rapids and Lansing. Join the crowd if you’re looking for the highest possible quality.

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