Garage Door Repair FAQs

Do you have questions about garage door repairs and replacements? Review these commonly asked questions to keep your garage doors safe and in good condition.

Can You Replace Just One Section of a Garage Door?

You can often replace just one section of a garage door. However, it depends on the amount of damage and if a replacement part is available. If the damage is too extensive, replacing the whole door will make more economic sense. If your garage door is relatively new, you can likely get by with a replacement panel.

Why Won’t My Garage Door Remote Work?

Sometimes the issue is simple, like your garage doors are on vacation or lock mode. Check the opener buttons on your wall and look for a blinking light. You can push it for a few seconds to turn off the locking feature.

If lock mode isn’t your problem, your garage door remote batteries may have died. If you’ve tried replacing the batteries and the remote still doesn’t work, call a professional for assistance right away.

Why Won’t My Garage Door Open?

If torsion or extension springs become damaged or broken, these issues can prevent the door from opening. There may also be problems with the tracks or cables.

However, you could potentially have a problem with the garage door opener. In this case, you’ll want to disconnect the opener and try to open the door manually. Always contact a professional for help with garage door opener, spring, cable and track repair.

How Can I Tell if I Need to Replace My Garage Door Springs?

If your garage door won’t open at all or only opens partway, you should visually examine the springs. If something looks broken or damaged, call a technician quickly. You may also notice squeaking noises if there’s an issue with the springs. A crooked garage door and dangling cables can also inform you of broken springs. 

Why Is My Garage Door Not Opening or Closing All the Way?

In modern garage doors, sensors prevent a door from closing all the way as a safety mechanism. If an item is blocking the door, such as a toy, tool or another object, the door won’t close until you move it. 

However, if nothing is blocking the door, the sensors may be misaligned. Your door might start moving up or down, then immediately reverse. If this is the problem, you should contact a professional for assistance with realignment.

Should I Repair or Replace My Garage Door?

You should consider several factors when deciding whether repairing or replacing is a better option. Think about the age of your door, the type of damage and how much it will cost to fix. If the repair costs outweigh the price of a new door, it may be time to find a replacement.

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