Garage Door Panel Replacement in Lansing

Garage door panels may need to be repaired or replaced during the door’s lifetime. Accidents happen, so you need an understanding panel repair company to restore your garage door.

Ingstrup Garage Doors and Construction repairs and replaces garage door panels for Lansing and Grand Rapids residents. We can fix your existing panel and restore its condition or replace it with a new part. Ingstrup Garage Doors is committed to providing excellent service — let us make your garage door panels look new again.

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Our Panel Repair Services

The technicians at Ingstrup Garage Doors can complete any garage door panel repair or replacement, including glass and wood panels. This service is ideal when your panels need attention, yet your garage door is still in good condition. Our technicians have years of experience and quality repair equipment to make panel projects quick and hassle-free. You can get a perfect garage door in no time.

We can inspect your current panels, remove the damage and make them look new. We can also order replacement aluminum, wood or composite panels and install them. We’ll ensure these new panels match the style and color of your other panels.

Should I Repair My Garage Door Panels or Replace My Whole Garage Door?

Repairing your panels can save you money, and replacing all of your panels can help the door’s structure and appearance. Your Ingstrup Garage Doors technician will decide if a repair or replacement is best for you by considering these factors:

  • Structural damage: If the panel damage also affects the garage door’s structure, a complete replacement is likely the best option.
  • Panel availability: If you’ve had your garage door for a long time, your panels may not be on the market anymore. Older style panels often need a total replacement.
  • Aesthetics and appearance: Your new panels must match your old ones perfectly. Differences in style, color and wear will affect your garage door’s aesthetic and make the new panels too obvious. A garage door replacement means all the panels will match.
  • Door balance: The garage door’s structural integrity is essential. The weight affects the balance, and a panel replacement could cause the door to be unbalanced.

Replace Your Garage Door Panels With Ingstrup Garage Doors Today

For reliable garage panel replacement services near you, trust the experts at Ingstrup Garage Doors. We provide prompt service for residents in LansingGrand Rapids and the surrounding area. Call (517) 374-4731 or contact us online today to schedule your repair.

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