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Garage Panel Replacement in Lansing, MI

At Ingstrup Garage Door and Construction, we provide top-quality door repairs to garage owners in Lansing and Grand Rapids. When your garage door’s panels get damaged, we can replace them with brand new parts.

We dedicate ourselves to providing the best customer service in the area to ensure each customer’s satisfaction. If you have broken garage door panels, let us help you get the right replacement.

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Should I Repair My Garage Door Panels or Get a Full Garage Door Replacement?

A damaged garage door may need a full replacement or a replacement of a few panels. The service your door needs will depend on a variety of factors, including:

  • Panel availability: If you have an older garage door, you may need to choose a newer panel type. It will require a panel with a similar appearance and weight to maintain your garage door’s function and appearance.
  • Door balance: Every garage door has parts with a specific design and weight that ensure structural integrity. Replacing a panel instead of the full door could put the door out of balance.
  • Aesthetics: When you have a garage door attached to your home, you may want a panel that matches the old door. A new panel may or may not match due to model and wear on the older panels.
  • Structural damage: A damaged panel accompanied by serious structural damage may mean you need a full replacement. It could also require additional repairs on the springs or another part.

If you can replace a garage door panel while maintaining your door’s quality, you can save money. However, getting a full replacement could end up reducing costs in the long run. Our technicians can inspect your garage door and discuss your preferences to find the best solution.

Repairs and Garage Door Replacement Panels in Lansing and Grand Rapids, MI

Allow the experts at Ingstrup Garage Door to make the repairs you need to have a smoothly running garage door. Countless customers in Lansing and Grand Rapids choose us because of our:

  • Top-quality parts: We use high-quality panels and components from reputable brands like Clopay®. Let’s work together to find a garage door replacement panel that lasts.
  • Industry-leading craftsmanship: Our technicians have the training to repair overhead doors from a variety of manufacturers. They can bring your door back to working condition in no time.
  • Prompt service: When we receive a service call, we strive to have someone out within 24 hours. We can also accommodate some special requests when you need fast repairs.

When you choose Ingstrup, you’ll see for yourself why we’ve had 25 successful years of history serving your community. Request our services to experience the difference in service, quality and craftsmanship.

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Get in touch with our team for garage door repairs, replacement or installation. We can pinpoint your garage door panel issue and find a solution that makes sense. To request a panel replacement or repair, call us at (517) 374-4731 or contact us online today. You can also ask for a free, no-obligation estimate before you get service.

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