Gold Bar Warranty

Clopay® Garage Door Spring Warranty

When your garage door springs break, they can cause damage to your other garage door parts and hardware.

Broken garage door springs add stress to cables and tracks, and the garage door opener will no longer work properly. Luckily, Clopay® offers a limited lifetime warranty that can save you money for parts over time!

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Clopay is known as the gold standard for garage doors, which the company backs up with its Gold Bar Warranty, available only through select Clopay Authorized dealers, like Ingstrup Garage Doors and Construction.

The Clopay garage door brand has a reputation for durability and reliability, and its residential garage door products last for a long time so you can take advantage of upgrades that improve the quality of your experience.

Torsion spring replacements and other upgrades should be performed by a professional to ensure they are carried out correctly, so contact us online if you need to request service! Learn more about Clopay’s Gold Bar Warranty and what parts it covers below.

What Does The Clopay Gold Bar Warranty Cover?

With the Gold Bar Warranty, you can choose to upgrade the standard hardware – hinges, rollers, and/or torsion springs – on your residential garage door from Clopay. When you purchase this optional coverage, you’ll extend the warranty for parts beyond the three (3) year standard warranty. It’s an investment that will pay for itself!

Upgrades and Parts

Parts covered with the Clopay Gold Bar Warranty include:

  • Heavy-duty Quietflex™ 14 gauge hinges:
  • 14-gauge steel hinges and brackets improve and smooth door operation and fit doors of every height compared to the standard rollers

  • Heavy-duty ball-bearing rollers:
  • If you have living space near the garage, you will benefit from these high-performance smooth-rolling nylon ball-bearing rollers

  • Extended Life-Cycle Springs:
  • We’ll ensure your door is properly counter-balanced with our high performance 20,000 cycle torsion springs (compared to the standard 10,000 cycle springs)

Why Should You Purchase the Gold Bar Warranty?

Peace of mind.

Ingstrup Garage Doors and Construction also offers a three (3) year warranty on our labor. If something breaks within three years, our service charge is free!

Torsion springs play a critical role in how garage doors open and close. When you opt for a lifetime warranty on your springs or other critical garage door parts like hinges and rollers, you can eliminate a lot of the issues your garage door will face as it ages.

With the Gold Bar Warranty, you can upgrade your parts to keep your garage door working properly for an extended period of time. For example, a new garage door comes with Clopay’s standard 10,000-cycle torsion springs, which last roughly 7 – 9 years. However, when you upgrade parts with the Gold Bar Warranty, we’ll replace the standard springs with 20,000 cycle torsion springs, which last roughly 14 -18 years!

Note: If a part breaks or needs to be repaired after the three (3) years, you’ll only be required to pay a service charge since the parts are covered under Clopay’s limited lifetime warranty.

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