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Lansing Garage Door Repair Services – Springs, Openers, Cables & More!

Garage door systems are an essential component in your home’s daily comfort, convenience and protection — when you’re experiencing an unexpected breakage, malfunctioning door or need your garage door springs replaced, don’t you want the most professional and dependable garage service experts in the Lansing, MI, area?

At Ingstrup Garage Door and Construction, we’re dedicated to always providing our customers with the most comprehensive and effective residential garage door services and repairs completed in a timely manner to reduce inconvenience and hassle. We’re so confident about the quality of our parts and repairs that we even provide several part warranties for added peace of mind.

Our extensively trained and experienced local repair technicians can repair any make or model garage door or garage door opener. With every service call we respond to, we complete garage door repairs with the highest quality parts and equipment available for lasting performance, reliability and safety. With our attention to detail and high standards, we can guarantee that your garage door will operate smoothly and safely for years to come.

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Common Lansing Homeowner Garage Door Repair Needs

With routine daily use and regular exposure to damaging elements, it’s common for garage doors to be subject to wear and tear over time and need repair attention. Fortunately, at Ingstrup Garage Door, we have over two decades of experience repairing residential garage door systems. Our team will arrive to your home with fully loaded trucks ready to quickly identify and address the cause of your garage door malfunctions — we can efficiently develop the best repair options and personalized solutions to keep your door reliable, safe and efficiently operating.

Whether you’re facing difficult garage door operations from regular part wear or corrosion or the door has experienced a recent collision and won’t open and close properly, you can depend on the team at Ingstrup Garage Door and Construction to help.

Our team can perform garage door repairs large or small and quickly address the following issues:

  • Garage door springs and cables are damaged or broken
  • Photo eye sensors are out of alignment
  • Door panels or frame is damaged and needs replaced
  • Rollers, tracks or hinges are worn and broken
  • Doors are off-balance or off-track and won’t open or close properly

Garage Door Opener Problems? Ingstrup Garage Door Can Help

The most frequently occurring residential garage door problems don’t just happen to the door itself — they often affect the garage door opener as well. Your home’s garage door opener is made up of several intricate parts, and if the door doesn’t seem as responsive, dependable or fast as it once was, you may need to have a professional inspect your unit and recommend repair solutions. Garage door opener malfunctions are often marked by excessively noisy operations, jerking door movement, slow and unsteady movement, irregular operations or failure to respond to commands at all.

The most common types of issues that require garage door opener repairs include:

  • Stripped opener gears
  • Worn parts like sprockets, drive trains or belts
  • Damaged or old circuit boards and motors
  • Battery backup malfunctions
  • Improperly programmed door limit switches

Call Ingstrup for All of Your Garage Door Repair & Service Needs in Lansing and Grand Rapids, MI

If your garage door is broken or not performing as smoothly and dependably as it once did, call the experienced and helpful local garage door repair and installation service professionals at Ingstrup Garage Door and Construction today. We strive to always provide honest and personalized residential garage door services for Lansing and Grand Rapids, MI, area homeowners.

When you need the best and most responsive garage door repair services, don’t hesitate to contact the professionals at Ingstrup Garage Door and Construction — call us today at (517) 374-4731 to speak with a team member, or complete our online form to schedule services.

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