The Importance of Garage Door Safety for Children

The garage door is a tool used by everyone in the family so it’s vital that everyone in the family also knows how to use it properly to avoid injury. Here are some things to talk about with your kids to help them understand and be safe around the garage door.

When your kids understand better how the garage door system works, they’ll be less likely to fiddle with it when they’re feeling curious. Go over the garage door system with them, including the following parts to help them understand how important it is:

Spring System

Show them the extension and torsion spring systems used by the garage door. Let children know that the garage door spring in Lansing, MI, should never be touched. If they find springs that have broken, they should let you know but never touch them themselves.

Lifting Cables

There are lifting cables on both sides of the door to point out to your kids. These cables are the parts that actually lift the doors up and are under enormous pressure.

Photo-Eye Reversal System

On both of the vertical tracks on either side of the garage door are small electrical devices that work to identify obstructions in the way of the door. This system is not dangerous but if it’s tinkered with and broken, it may stop working and may cause the garage door to fall on someone.

When your children understand the way the garage door works, their curiosity will fade and be replaced with knowledge and fascination. They’ll be eager to tell their friends about it and so their newfound knowledge may even help someone else.

If you have children, one of the most important things to help them understand is how important it is to stay safe around the garage door. When you need garage door repair in Lansing, it’s best to get it taken care of right away to avoid any of these systems failing and hurting someone.


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