5 Reasons to Hire a Professional for Garage Cable Replacement

Garage doors come in many shapes and sizes, and they’re surprisingly complicated pieces of equipment. Repairing them often involves mechanical knowledge, as well as dealing with heavy doors under a lot of tension. Here are 5 reasons garage cable replacement in Lansing should always be handled by a professional.


The most important reason to hire a pro to repair garage springs in Lansing is your safety. Springs and cables are under a lot of pressure, and the tension can make them snap and cause serious injury if they’re not handled correctly. Garage doors are also infamous for pinching – and even crushing – fingers, or falling too fast on an unsuspecting amateur. There are too many things that can go seriously wrong that it’s best to leave the job to someone who knows what they’re doing.


Professionals who work with garage springs in Lansing for a living have the experience to know how to get the job done right the first time. They can quickly and efficiently identify the problem and fix it with as little hassle as possible. This means your door will be repaired more quickly and with less chance of breaking down again than if you spent hours or days trying to fix the problem yourself.


What a certified technician can handle in a few minutes, it might take you all afternoon to do yourself, and there’s still no guarantee that you’ve fixed the problem.


If your garage door is under warranty, be sure to check it before you start any repairs yourself. You may void your warranty if you try to repair the door on your own, even if you’re successful. Then, if there are any problems with your door down the road, you’ll find yourself paying for all the repairs out of pocket.


Speaking of warranties, there’s another benefit to hiring a pro: they’ll usually have a warranty on their work guaranteeing that if the part breaks again (within a certain period of time) they’ll come back and fix it for free. You can’t say the same about your own work, which, if it breaks down, will have you paying for the same repairs 2 or 3 times over.

Repairing your garage door yourself can also get you in trouble if your faulty repairs cause injury to someone else. This could be a friend who comes over or even the next owner of the house. If the door falls on them or a garage cable snaps suddenly, you can be held liable if the courts find that the damage was caused by your repairs. If the repairs are done by a professional, on the other hand, it’s their reputation and money on the line – not yours.

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When you need garage cable replacement in Lansing, your best bet is to go with the professionals. It’ll be faster, easier, and safer, and you’re far less likely to encounter any accidents or unintended damage. While you can never be 100 percent guaranteed that everything will go right the first time around, the warranty and expertise can certainly help to put your mind at ease.


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