Five Risks from Having Faulty Garage Door Cables

Garage doors have fundamentally changed homes and storage options, but they also come at a risk. Many people don’t understand that faulty garage door cables can pose serious problems. Here are five risks we want you to know about when it comes to faulty garage door cables.

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Car Damage

Garage doors are very heavy objects that can easily cause damage if any problems arise. Garage door cables are the part of the system that help open and close the garage door. Faulty garage door cables can break at any time, causing the garage door to suddenly shut. If a car isn’t parking completely in or out of the garage, the garage door crashing down could cause major damage to a car that’s in the way. The same thing can happen with very old or worn garage door cables. Car damage can be very costly, so it’s best to fix faulty garage cables before they cause issues.

Personal Injury

Faulty garage door cables aren’t something to mess with. Garage doors can be very dangerous, and trying to replace or fix these cables can end with major injury or possibly even death without professional help. We recommend you always contact a professional to aid in garage door issues because of the risks that come with doing it yourself. A defective garage door cable can cause further personal injury if it is not fixed as soon as it is discovered.

Garage Door Replacement

Like we mentioned earlier, faulty garage door cables create the possibility of the garage door crashing down to the ground. This can obviously cause a lot of damage, but sometimes the damage is to the garage door itself. There are many different kinds of garage doors, but none of them come at a low price. Most garage doors are somewhat expensive, and having to replace them due to a defective garage door cable can be a frustrating and unexpected expense.

Cement Chipping

Garage doors can be very heavy. The majority of garage doors are around 500 pounds or more! This produces the possibility of cement damage if there are problems with the garage door system shutting correctly. When a 500 pound object comes hurtling down to the ground, there’s likely going to be chipping and damage to the cement. Though cement damage isn’t cheap to fix, it will probably be a small issue compared to the damage that occurs to the garage door itself.

Other Damage

There are a lot of things that can be damaged by defective garage door cables. To be very frank, faulty garage door cables are essentially an injury waiting to happen. They are unsafe, and it can be dangerous to have kids, pets, or expensive property around them. We highly suggest installing cables that have warranties, and more importantly, having your garage door cables checked regularly for any problems or malfunctions.

Garage doors are a great commodity, but they can come with serious risks. Faulty garage door cables can cause a lot of problems. They can cause cement chipping, car damage, and even warrant a complete garage door replacement. Defective cables can also cause personal injury and other property damage. We recommend contacting a professional in Lansing to help you with faulty garage door cables.

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