Amazon Garage Delivery: What Is It and How Does It Work?

“Can Amazon deliver to my garage?”

Amazon has released a new delivery system for Prime members called Amazon Key. Garage delivery is a safe alternative to dropping your boxes at the front door. In this guide, we’ll answer some of the top questions users have about signing up for Amazon Key for Garage.

    1. How Does Amazon Garage Delivery Work?
    2. How Do I Set Up Amazon In-Garage Delivery?
    3. Do I Need a Camera for In-Garage Delivery Service?
    4. Is Amazon myQ Garage Delivery Safe?
    5. Is My Garage Door Compatible With Amazon myQ Garage Delivery?
    6. Which Garage Door Openers Are Compatible with Amazon Key Delivery?
    7. How Do I Cancel Key Delivery on Amazon?
    8. I Want My Package Delivered, But Not in My Garage. Can I Block Amazon Key In-Garage Delivery?
    9. How Ingstrup Garage Doors Can Help

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How Does Amazon Key Work?

Amazon Key allows you to safely receive packages from Amazon when you’re not home. Wondering how it works?

  1. If you’re an Amazon Prime member, select “Free Key Delivery” at checkout.
  2. After Amazon processes your order, you will receive several notifications. The first notification is a four-hour window of when the delivery driver should arrive at your home.
  3. When the driver arrives, they will scan and verify your package to open up your linked garage door. (You will not need to open the garage door for them!)
  4. Once your garage door is open, the driver will place your delivery inside.
  5. When the delivery is complete, the driver will close your garage door and stay on the property until it is fully closed and secure.

In addition to the real-time notifications during the delivery process, you also have the option to watch the delivery as it happens via camera.


How Do I Set Up Amazon In-Garage Delivery?

Amazon Key Garage Delivery is efficient for anyone with a Prime membership. You’ll need to download the myQ app for your smart garage door opener. Follow these steps to set up Amazon In-Garage Delivery:

  1. Download the Key app and sign into the app using your Amazon log-in credentials.
  2. On the “Let’s Get Started” screen, select “Set up a Residence.”
  3. Follow the instructions on the screen. These instructions will prompt you to link to your myQ account.

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Do I Need a Camera for In-Garage Delivery Service?

A camera could be helpful to prevent theft with Amazon garage deliveryWhile you’re not required to have a security camera, you should consider installing one. After connecting your garage door to the Amazon Key app, you can follow these optional steps:

  • Set up an Amazon Cloud Cam or another security camera to track all deliveries.
  • Take a picture of your garage door to help the delivery staff find it.
  • Leave delivery instructions to place packages in the location of your choice.

When the driver comes, you’ll be able to view their activity from your phone. You could also use video clips as evidence in case of theft.


Is Amazon myQ Garage Delivery Safe?

The primary purpose of Key by Amazon is to provide safe and effective delivery of your valuables. Your garage is like a temporary locker room for your packages. Instead of wondering if your items will be there when you get home, you’ll know they’re secure from weather damage and theft. These are some of the safety features that Amazon implements with this delivery service:

  • Upon employment, all drivers have to complete a background check. They also need to submit motor vehicle records.
  • Amazon confirms the driver has the correct package before granting access to your garage.
  • Amazon will never give your access codes or any keys to the driver.
  • You’ll receive a notification during each step of the delivery process.
  • You’ll receive a video receipt showing the delivery in real time or a recorded video clip.

Amazon takes care of any fear you may have about the safety of your packages and your home. On top of these security features, they also offer a Key by Amazon Happiness Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your delivery experience, you can file a complaint.

You can also check out Amazon Garage Delivery’s customer reviews.


Is My Garage Door Compatible With Amazon myQ Garage Delivery?

Single panel or sectional garage doors are compatible with Key by Amazon.To find out if your garage door is compatible with Amazon Key, fill out the form on its website. Also, make sure Amazon In-Garage Delivery is available in your local area. If you have an old door, consider repairing or replacing your garage door before you install the myQ app. The garage door needs to be functional, so you can control it from anywhere you’d like. Any damage on your existing door could make it difficult to deliver your packages through your garage.

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Which Garage Door Openers Are Compatible With Amazon Key Delivery?

The myQ app is compatible with most garage door opener brands. To be sure, check your garage door opener’s compatibility on Amazon’s website. Chamberlain and LiftMaster are Amazon Key compatible garage door openers. If your garage door doesn’t come with WiFi capabilities, you can buy a myQ Smart Garage Hub. All our LiftMaster garage door openers have built-in WiFi and myQ features.


How Do I Cancel Amazon myQ Garage Delivery?

If you repair or replace your garage door, you can delete your old garage door from the Amazon Key app. Removing your garage door will prevent Amazon from completing in-garage deliveries. Keep in mind that you will still be able to access your garage door from the manufacturer’s app. Here is how to unlink your garage door from Amazon Key:

  1. Open the app’s menu. Look for three lines on the upper left side of the screen.
  2. Select “Settings.”
  3. Select “Kit Name.”
  4. Select “Delete Garage Door” under the “Delete” drop-down menu.
  5. Read the pop-up message and confirm your decision by selecting “Delete.”
  6. If you want to remove your kit altogether, you should also delete the camera.
  7. If you only want to cancel an upcoming order, you can block access to the Amazon Garage Delivery.


I Want My Package Delivered, But Not in My Garage. Can I Block Amazon Key In-Garage Delivery?

You can block access to your garage if you don’t want to accept deliveries inside your home. This option may be desired if you’re on vacation. Instead, the driver will leave your delivery at the front door as with standard delivery. Here are the steps to block access to your garage:

  1. Select the three lines on the upper left side of the screen to open the app’s menu.
  2. Select the home screen in the menu.
  3. Select “Block Access” on the delivery card on the day of delivery.
  4. Choose how long you would like to block access.
  5. Select “Block Delivery Access.”

Your settings will reset at midnight of the day you selected. If your garage door opener is on lock or vacation mode, the driver will leave your package at your front door. It’s best to communicate your expectations with Amazon to avoid future inconveniences.


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