6 Top Tips: How to Maintain Your Garage Door

You use your overhead doors hundreds of times each year — here’s how to maintain them to prolong their working life and enhance your home’s curb appeal. 

1. Familiarize Yourself With Your Garage Door

One of the best garage door maintenance tips is to know your door. Do a visual inspection — check that the door moves smoothly and is not too fast or slow. Listen to how your garage door sounds. Is it louder than usual or making clunking noises? Picking up on any changes when they happen will help you preemptively address issues.

2. Inspect and Fix Door Components

Visually inspect rollers, hinges, cables, and springs. Carefully check the cables and pulleys to ensure they are not frayed or worn and ensure the springs don’t have kinks, cracks or signs of becoming misshapen. Listen for clicking or whirring sounds. If you hear them, professionals can help replace these damaged parts.

Tighten bolts, roller brackets and other hardware that may have loosened over time. Check for weatherstripping and seal any components to protect the space’s interior.

3. Test Your Overhead Door’s Balance and Safety 

With the door in the down position, check the balance of your door by pulling the release handle. Once on manual, lift the door halfway open. The door should stay in place. If it falls, it’s not balanced, and you’ll need a technician to rebalance the door safely.

Check the photoelectric system by waving an object between the door and the photo eye while closing the door. If the movement doesn’t trigger the reverse function,  a professional will help fix the component

4. Clean Your Door Regularly

Another garage door preventive maintenance tip is to clean your door often. Your garage is exposed to the elements, grease and car exhaust fumes. Wiping or hosing down the door enhances your property’s curb appeal and extends your door’s life span. 

5. Lubricate Your Garage Door and Clear the Tracks

Use your garage door’s manual to select the correct lubricant spray and coat essential components like the hinges, rollers, bearings, and torsion springs. You can typically purchase cans of lubricant at your local garage door supplier, like Ingstrup Garage Doors.

6. Schedule a Yearly Inspection

The garage door is the largest moving object in your home and requires yearly attention. By having professional technicians inspect your garage each year, you not only save time but also prevent costly replacements. 

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