The Purpose of Garage Door Lubrication

Have you considered how much your garage door gives you and your family? It’s not commonplace to think about the garage door at all unless it makes too much noise or traps you either inside or outside. Most homeowners take the door for granted but with proper attention, your garage door will continue giving, year after year. One important maintenance task your garage door in Lansing needs is lubrication. Ingstrup Construction hopes you don’t wait for your door to malfunction before you pay attention to it. Here are a few reasons why garage doors need lubrication.

Prevents Noise

Your garage door is made up of many moving parts. You have rollers and hinges that make noise when they wear out or aren’t installed correctly. The door also has nuts, screws, roller bearings and springs, to name just a few of the parts.  Lubricating these parts every year should cure any noise problem.

Don’t Get Locked Out

Many homeowners neglect the garage door lock. Not everyone has a garage door opener. Some people have doors with an old-fashioned lock and key. If you fail to lubricate the lock, it could rust. Next time you put the key in the lock, you’ll be met with resistance. Avoid lock-outs and lubricate the lock at the same time you perform your other lubrication tasks.

Door Hinges

Garage door hinges help the door panels fold and unfold as the door goes up and down. If you’ve ever had to open or close a garage door with hinges that have been neglected, you know how difficult it is to get the door to move. While a garage door opener takes the pressure off you as far as opening or closing the door, it doesn’t take the pressure off the hinges. Lubricating hinges helps them do their job, which includes preventing the garage door opener from being overworked.

Don’t Forget the Rollers

When rollers make an unpleasant screeching sound you know they probably need lubrication. Garage door rollers help your garage door move up and down smoothly in the track. Lubricant allows an additional layer between the track and roller, which protects the track and means smoother movement. If you’re like most homeowners you’re not entirely certain how to perform routine garage door maintenance. Go ahead and call overhead door in Lansing and let a professional take care of lubrication and other maintenance.

Lubrication is just one maintenance task your garage door needs. Schedule a yearly check-up and lubrication with Ingstrup Construction. Your door will continue to give you reliable service for years.