5 Garage Door Installation Safety Tips

It’s one of the hardest-working doors in your home—yet it is one of its most neglected components, and as a result, one of the least safe. Garage doors weigh around 400 pounds, and may be raised and lowered several times each day. A 1000 pound-pressure spring helps the garage perform its up and down tasks, and if it malfunctions, serious or even fatal injuries could result.  

Sooner or later, a garage door’s mechanical parts wear out, or the garage door itself begins to show signs of wear and tear due to the extremes of Michigan winters and repeated daily use. An inspection performed by a professional who specializes in garage door installation in Lansing is the first step. The technician will check the cables and also the springs for separation and rust damage, and evaluate the door’s overall operation. Once the inspection is completed, a recommendation will be made as to whether repairs are needed, or whether the entire garage door system needs to be replaced.

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Garage door installation is not a do-it-yourself project, unless you have previous experience. DIY garage installation results in around 1,600 injuries each year.  A professional will ensure all components are installed as to the manufacturer’s recommendations and industry safety guidelines. Listed below are five overhead door safety tips observed by professionals to ensure the safe installation and long life of a new garage door system.

Quality Garage Door Components

Reliable garage door professionals install parts that allow safe operation over repeated daily use. Heavy-duty hinges and ball bearing rollers, along with multiple struts for added door reinforcement, increase the life of the system. High-quality steel springs contribute to a dependable, safe operation that holds up over time.  

Garage Door Springs

Springs serve as the counterbalance of a garage door and allow it to open and close easily. Quality springs incorporate a safety containment cable that extends down the length of the spring, preventing it from causing injury should it snap free. The springs should be resistant to corrosion and carry a warranty as well.

Tamper-Resistant Brackets

The brackets located across the bottom of the garage door are connected to the springs, and are under extreme tension. It is dangerous for an untrained person to loosen or tighten the brackets, so manufacturers have added hardware that results in making them tamper-resistant. Only a professional with the manufacturer’s designated tool can make adjustments.

Pinch-Resistant Joints

Pinched or crushed fingers, resulting from being caught between the section joints, are the most common injuries caused by an unsafe garage door. Pinch-resistant joints are an additional safety feature found in quality garage doors.

Garage Door Track Replacement

Old tracks may save a few bucks, but aren’t worth the safety hazards. When replacing a garage door system, make sure the track is replaced as well. Not only may the old track not fit properly with the new door system, but it could also affect its overall operation and lifetime length.

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Look for established local companies who perform garage installations in Lansing, and check their websites for examples of their work and a list of their warranties and policies. Request an estimate before agreeing to any services the technician suggests.

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