The Benefits of Winter Garage Door Maintenance

As winter approaches, Lansing homeowners take the usual precautions to prepare themselves and their homes for inclement weather. Sadly, contacting one of the many garage door installation professionals throughout Michigan for winter garage door maintenance (also known as winterizing) often fails to make the list of routine preparations that many of us deem crucial for the season. While older garage doors and doors that have already suffered some degree of damage are the most susceptible to significant harm from winter weather, all garage doors can benefit from winterizing.

Here are the key advantages:

Avoiding Expensive Repairs

Summer weather often causes cracks in garage door panels, through which cold air can seep in during the winter. A garage door technician will inspect your door for these cracks, as well as gaps and brittleness, and repair these issues using restorative filler materials like caulk. In addition, the garage door technician may take the following steps to winterize your garage door:

  • Repair or replace your weatherstripping (thus protecting the contents of your garage from unwanted entrants like wind, ice and snow).
  • Check the insulation for energy efficiency.
  • Clean and lubricate all of the door’s moving metal components (hinges, springs, rollers, etc.) allowing for easier operation. 
  • Taking note of your garage door’s flaws and having them remedied by a professional before they worsen. This will save you from having to pay for more costly repairs down the road.


Having a solid garage door that operates properly ensures both your personal safety and the security of your property. If you’re like most people, you use your garage to store your car and valuables that you may not otherwise have room for in your home. Whether manual or automatic, your garage door acts to safeguard these contents from harmful weather, small animals, and the possibility of theft.

A garage door that doesn’t open or shut correctly could increase the likelihood of burglary, as thieves are attracted to the easy entry/exit the malfunctioning door presents.

If your garage is attached to your home, a malfunctioning door means lending a potential burglar access not just to that particular space, but to the rest of your house as well.

If your door needs to be replaced, consult a professional. There is no shortage of businesses offering garage door installation in Lansing, and you’ll want to be certain that your garage door is sound and secure.

Extending the Lifespan of Your Garage Door

None of us want to endure the cost of having to replace our garage doors until it’s absolutely necessary. Winterizing your door is guaranteed to prolong the use you get out of it.

You can always attempt to inspect and repair your garage door this winter by yourself, but be weary as a lack of skill in this area could wind up of causing further detriment to your property.