How to Winterize Your Garage Door

Getting your garage door ready for the cold is necessary for any home. With garage door maintenance, you can boost energy efficiency, create a comfortable space and protect your garage’s interior. Winterize your garage with the following steps from Ingstrup Garage Doors and Construction.

1. Insulate Your Garage Door and Walls

Adding insulation is a comprehensive way to improve your garage door’s weather resistance. You can choose from a few insulation types with different efficiency ratings. If you already have garage door insulation, inspect it for damage and wear, and replace any ineffective parts. 

2. Caulk Around Your Garage Door

Caulking around your garage door perimeter creates a tight seal against wind, water and cold temperatures. Remove any old caulk with a utility knife to create a clean surface. Then, apply an outdoor-appropriate caulk as needed. You can also caulk any surface imperfections to protect against the environment. 

Be sure to caulk around your windows, but do not apply caulk underneath the window. 

3. Check and Replace Weatherstripping

Assess the weatherstripping with a quick visual once-over. Look for cracks, gaps or pulling all around the door. Replace the stripping if necessary to create a better seal when the door is closed.

4. Fix Broken Garage Door Springs

Broken garage door springs can impact your garage door’s function and pose a safety hazard. Some signs of a broken spring include: 

  • Loose cables
  • A crooked door
  • Cracking or popping noises
  • Gaps in the springs
  • Fast or jerky movement
  • Slow movement

If you have a snapped spring, call professionals for spring repair before the cold months come.

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5. Lubricate Your Garage Door

Winter can make your garage door parts cold, dry and brittle, so lubricating the garage door can help all moving components. Use WD-40 in a pinch, or purchase garage door lubricant from a hardware store.

6. Check the Rollers

Rollers help your door move smoothly along the tracks. It’s recommended to replace your door rollers every six to seven years. Look for chips, damage or wear, and change your rollers as needed.

7. Clean the Tracks

Dirty tracks can impede the door’s efficiency. Give them a good cleaning before it gets too cold, and inspect them for damage. If you think it’s time to change them out, contact a garage door installation company for assistance. 

Contact Ingstrup Garage Doors for Assistance

If your garage door still doesn’t seem ready after you prepare it, it might be time for a repair or replacement. Turn to Ingstrup Garage Doors for everything from cable repair to a new garage door replacement. Call (517) 374-4731 or request service online to get started. 


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