How to Prepare Your Garage Door for Winter

In case you haven’t noticed, the weather has started turning cooler. Winter is quickly approaching, and that means starting to prepare for long nights and cold days. For many people, this means verifying that your heating system is working properly and sealing up any areas where cold can sneak into the home. It may also mean that it’s time to get the chimney cleaned and ready for another winter of toasty fires. One thing that you may not think about for your winter preparations though is your garage door. While it’s frequently forgotten until it stops working, following these tips can extend the life of your garage door and prevent you from getting left out in the cold Lansing winter.

Check the rollers

The rollers on a garage door allow it to move freely along its track when it’s opened or closed. They typically need to be replaced every 6 to 7 years to keep your garage door moving smoothly. Look for cracks, chips or significant wear and replace them as needed.

Clean the tracks

Over time, the tracks for your garage door can accumulate a significant amount of dirt and debris. Give them a thorough cleaning to keep your door moving smoothly. If your tracks are significantly damaged, consider having a garage door installation company replace them.


A great time to lubricate all the moving parts is just before winter. It will help them to move cleanly even as the temperatures get bitterly cold. This is also a great time to check all the hardware on the door to ensure that it’s properly tightened.

Taking some time to prepare your garage door for winter can help to make sure that it lasts for many years. You may even find that it substantially outlasts your neighbors’ garage doors. A well maintained garage door will be reliable and won’t leave you out in the cold, protecting you from the worst of the weather. If your garage door doesn’t hold up to the winter preparation, then it’s probably time to call a Lansing area garage door company to help you find the perfect replacement door for your garage.