4 Reasons to Hire a Professional for Garage Door Installation

Whether you’re installing a new garage door or need any type of garage door repair in Lansing, Michigan, you should know that this is definitely not a time to look up videos on the internet and attempt to do the job yourself. A garage door must be installed and repaired perfectly if you want it to run correctly. In addition, you actually risk injury if you attempt to do the job yourself. Here are 4 reasons you should call in the professionals for garage door installation in MI.


As easy as a video may make installing or repairing a garage door look, this is rarely the case. The reason most DIY videos make a task look easy is that the person doing the video is usually an experienced and seasoned professional. Unfortunately, as easy as it may seem, installing and repairing garage doors is no easy task if you have no experience. Professionals have been extensively trained and have all the skills necessary to not only do the job correctly so that you don’t have any problems at all, but they will also be able to do the job quickly, saving you time and frustration.

Correct Parts

Hiring a professional to install your door also means that you’re sure to have the right opener for your door based on the weight and size of the door. You can avoid the hassle of changing openers because of a miscalculation and your opener will last much longer when it’s exactly the right size for the door. Additionally, professional installers will have all the necessary tools on hand to do the job correctly. There are many different aspects of garage door installation and repair that must be done exactly in order for the door to work well. This includes correct alignment of the photo eye, proper wiring, proper securing of the door opener, as well as properly installing pulleys, springs, and cables. The weight of the door must also be properly balanced. All of these intricate steps must be done precisely in order to make sure the door is installed correctly.


Installing and repairing garage doors can be dangerous, especially when dealing with the springs. But the doors themselves can actually pose a risk as well. The doors are large, heavy, and awkward to install without any experience. In addition, installation of garage door openers requires working with electricity and it takes training to identify a properly grounded power outlet and extra safety precautions to do the electrical wiring as well. Professionals will also be able to test the door after installation is complete to ensure all safety measures are working properly.


Most garage doors come with a warranty; however, that warranty is often void if you attempt to install or repair it yourself. When you attempt to install or repair a garage door yourself, you are very likely to spend many frustrating hours without the guarantee that you will be happy with the finished product. It’s best to leave the job to the professionals who will stand behind their work and offer a guarantee and warranty.