The Importance of Regular Garage Door Maintenance

Last Updated June 24, 2020

6 Benefits of Annual Garage Door Inspections

Most people know to have their air conditioner and heater receive regular tune-ups, and take their cars in for annual inspections.

But, what about your garage door? Does that really need regular maintenance? The answer is yes, and this blog will explain several benefits of garage door tune-up services and why they’re important for your home and your safety.

1. They Can Help You Prevent Major Issues in the Future

Just like with any other piece of equipment in your home, your garage door can experience major issues if you don’t give it regular maintenance. Small issues can turn into larger ones when you fail to address them right away.

Springs can snap, motors can overheat and burn out, and doors can slide off tracks, causing serious damage. But these big, expensive problems can be avoided if you have your garage regularly inspected.

Those springs can be replaced before they snap, the motor can be fixed before it burns out completely, and the tracks can be repaired to keep the doors in line.

You might think that little quirks are just a part of your garage door getting older. Most garage doors can last for a long time before they need to be replaced, as long as you take proper care of them.

By catching small problems, maintenance technicians can extend the life of your garage doors. It is much easier to pay for inspections and repairs than it is to pay to install a new garage door.

2. They Can Help You Save Money

One of the underappreciated garage door tune-ups and inspection benefits is the money you can save on future repairs by engaging in preventative maintenance. Most garage door issues start out as minor problems. They may require a new part and a small amount of labor. Fixing a minor issue is much cheaper than replacing an opener or new door.

When you get your garage door inspected every year, you get a heads up on these little issues and have them fixed before they cost you so much more down the line.

3. They Can Help You Take Advantage of Your Warranty

By servicing your garage door with the same company every year, you get technicians who are familiar with your door and your warranty. Many parts are covered under a lifetime warranty. Instead of paying for new ones, you may get them for free if you have an inspector who understands the benefits of your warranty.

If your garage door inspector says you need a new part, inquire about the warranty. While it may not cover everything, it could save you some money.

4. They Can Help You Avoid Serious Injuries

Though you might not think about it, garage doors can be extremely dangerous. Depending on the material and size of your door, they can weigh anywhere from 130 to over 400 pounds. Homeowners blindly trust the system of pulleys and tracks to safely lift and lower their garage door again and again. But, if something goes wrong when a person is nearby, serious injury or even death can occur.

This is yet another reason that regular maintenance is so important. A garage door system that fails completely is a serious risk to your family and to your property. It is simply not a risk worth taking.

5. They Can Help You Put Safety First

Maintaining your garage door isn’t just a matter of aesthetics. Yes, a well-maintained garage door looks better. But it’s also safer for your family.

A technician may catch a minor problem that could have compromised the door’s ability to close and allowed someone to break into your house. You want to keep your family safe in your home, and you also want to protect anyone who comes to visit. You can only do this when all your garage door parts are in working order.

Watch for signs of potential problems, such as:

  • Loud grinding noises when you open or close the door
  • Doors closing too quickly or too slowly
  • Doors shuddering when they are opened or closed

If you notice any of these, it’s time for a garage door checkup to protect your family. The importance of garage door maintenance isn’t something to be ignored.

6. They Can Help You Avoid Future Inconveniences

Let’s be honest. Dealing with a broken garage door is annoying. You take for granted the daily convenience of a functioning garage door that opens and closes on-demand. If you fail to service your garage door and a major problem arises, you could be left without a functioning garage door for weeks.

You will have to get out of the car and manually open the door every time you come home and hop out to shut the door whenever you leave. It’s a small action, but when you are running late or heading into a busy day, it’s an annoyance you don’t need.

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