Why Spring Is the Right Time for Garage Door Repair

For many of us, spring is the best time of year. You start to shake off the cold of winter, the days start to get longer, and you can put those heavy jackets away and spend some more time outdoors. It’s also just far enough past New Year’s that you can finally keep all those New Year’s resolutions you made to yourself: like finally fixing that old garage door. So, if you’ve thought about contacting your local Lansing garage door company, here are a few reasons you shouldn’t put off garage door repair any longer.

Tax Returns

A lot of owners will be getting money back this year on their taxes, and companies know this. That’s why they usually fight tooth and nail over that tax money with other companies, putting potential buyers in the driver’s seat.

The Weather Is Right

Garage doors operate by virtue of a spring system that acts as a counterweight to the door. The reason it’s so crucial to keep up with garage door repair in Lansing, Michigan, is because the brutal winters can cause the garage door springs to become brittle and crack, or even break. Replacing them during the winter is not recommended, as outdoor mechanical work should be avoided unless absolutely necessary, but making the switch over to new springs in the spring is a perfect preventative solution that will keep your door in top shape for the coming summer and winter months.

Your Home Deserves a Makeover

Spring is when new fashions come out, and when you give your home a thorough clean. So, why not give your home the runway model treatment? You can’t well fix the garage door when it’s covered in ice, but when the spring hits, having a new door installed will have the effect of making the whole house look brand new and, dare we say it, fashionable.

You know after a tough winter, you’re going to have to have your garage door repaired anyway, so why put it off?


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