What Are the Different Types of Garage Doors?

You’re aware that your garage door protects whatever is in your garage from animals, pests and the weather. It can also be a source of beauty and generate a unique look for your home. If you’re building a brand-new house, you’re probably putting a lot of thought into choosing your garage door. Explore the different types of garage doors that are available today to find the right one for your brand-new home.

Residential Garage Door Types

Explore the following types of residential garage doors and how they could add value to your home.

1. Swing Out or Carriage Doors

Carriage-type garage doors open outward from the center of the garage. They’re decorative and functional, and they resemble classic barn doors. These types of garage doors can give your home a country estate feel, offering many beautiful designs and colors. With doors that open outward, you have more storage space available in your garage. Traditionally, these garage doors are wooden, and you can add insulation to boost their energy efficiency.

Swing-out garage doors offer your home the following benefits:

  • No overhead tracks: If you have a high ceiling in your garage or simply want more storage space on your ceiling, you can have the free space you need with a swing-out garage door. You also can keep tall items in your garage without thinking about them getting in the way of the track.
  • Aesthetic appeal: Homeowners typically like the look of a swing-out door because of its rustic charm. A carriage-style garage door also comes in various design options to suit your aesthetic and functional needs.
  • Durability: Carriage doors come in various panel designs that can make them stronger. With these options, you can have a door that both looks good and works well.

Keep in mind that, since the doors swing out, you’ll need to measure your driveway to make sure you have enough space. This style is also more expensive than other options.

2. Sliding Doors

Sliding garage doors evoke visions of country living through their resemblance to barn doors. Since they slide to the side, they do not take up any space in your garage, which leaves you the space overhead to store things.

Sliding garage doors provide the following features to enhance your property:

  • Easy operation: You can either manually or automatically open the garage door, so it’ll work even if you have a power outage.
  • Quiet motor: The sliding garage door doesn’t make as much noise as other garage doors. The motor pulls the door with less force because of its horizontal track.
  • No overhead track: The biggest advantage of sliding doors is the fact that they don’t use an overhead track. If you need to use your ceiling for storage or you have a high ceiling, you can install this door’s track on the side for more room.
  • Low maintenance: Since the sliding door features panels instead of a full piece, you can easily replace a damaged part instead of buying a whole new door.
  • Energy efficiency: Sliding doors require less energy to operate due to their lack of bulky equipment and hardware. This feature makes them more energy-efficient than other types of garage doors.

Keep in mind that you’ll have a more narrow garage, even if you have more ceiling space. It also tends to be more expensive and can be more difficult to keep clean.

3. Sectional Roll-up Doors

The sectional roll-up provides the homeowner with the easiest to use of all garage doors. These doors move up into the ceiling of the garage and they’re generally easier to repair. Changing out a section is usually cheaper than replacing an entire door.

As a homeowner, you can take advantage of the following benefits of a sectional garage door:

  • No driveway space: Unlike the swing-out door, a sectional roll-up garage door doesn’t take up any space in your driveway when it opens vertically.
  • Energy efficiency: Sectional garage doors are compatible with various types of insulation. When you add this layer to your door, you can save money on your energy bills and make your garage more comfortable.
  • Sturdy: The torsion springs hold the garage door in place when it’s partially open. This feature can keep you and your valuables safe.
  • Easy to operate: You can easily operate your sectional roll-up door with a remote and an automatic garage door opener. You can also open the door manually with hardware in case of a power outage.
  • Low maintenance: Sectional roll-up garage doors are usually steel, which is a low-maintenance material. It can withstand dents, rust and weather damage, and you can easily repaint it.
  • Many design options: Most sectional roll-up garage doors allow you to choose different colors, windows, textures and hardware to fit with your overall design theme.

Even though a sectional roll-up garage door usually doesn’t have any problems, because there are more parts involved, there’s a higher chance of error. They also need regular maintenance by a professional.

4. One Piece/Tilt-up

Garage doors that swing up all in one piece evoke images of the 1950s. They tend to be heavy, even with cantilevered spring action to keep them moving smoothly. Unless you have them on an automatic opening system, you might be better off getting a different type of door.

You may enjoy a tilt-up garage door because of the following benefits:

  • Easy to install: Since it only has one single piece instead of multiple panels, it’s easy to install and you can use it more quickly. 
  • No driveway space: Since a tilt-up door only travels vertically, you don’t need extra driveway space to accommodate the track paths.
  • Reliability: Like sectional overhead doors, tilt-up doors have torsion springs that allow them to stay in place.

Keep in mind that most tilt-up doors don’t have insulation and they can be dangerous if you don’t keep up with their maintenance.

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