Tips to Keep Your Garage Insulated

Like it or not, the garage attached to your home is part of your home, and should be kept warm or cold depending on the season, just as you would the rest of the house. Here at Ingstrup Construction, Inc., we have unfortunately seen many incidents where people neglect to insulate the garage properly, and end up paying astronomical amounts each month on their utility bills and heating costs. There are multiple ways that you as a homeowner can mitigate these costs and even save money. Here are our top 5 ways to do just that.

Insulate the Garage Door

First, you can insulate your existing garage door. This is generally pretty easy to do and is cost-effective as well. All you would need to do is purchase a garage door insulation kit, available at most home improvement stores. When choosing a garage door installation kit, you can choose solid polystyrene sheets and spun fiberglass. Both options have a number of benefits and are easily installed as well. Weather sealed garage doors are most effective against drafts.

Upgrade the Garage Door

Second, upgrading your garage door is always a good option. If you have had your garage door for a number of years, then it might be time to replace it anyway. Talk to a garage door installer about your options for a new one. Make sure that if you do this, you also replace all of the weather stripping. We have unfortunately seen many incidents where people believe they can save money by using the existing weather stripping. This is definitely not a good option.

Seal Any Drafts

Next, make sure that any drafts are sealed. The garage door is not the only place where drafts can enter the garage. Check areas around pipes and plumbing, electrical sockets, any windows, and exterior doors. One often neglected area that is a cause for concern in terms of cold air getting into your home is ventilation. A garage is a common place for fumes and noxious gases to accumulate. Without proper ventilation, you may not only be letting cold air in, but you may also be increasing the possibility of a serious health and safety hazard.

Use a Space Heater

Although putting a space heater in your garage is not the best option, it may be helpful on a temporary basis until you can do something more permanent. The reason that most garage door professionals do not recommend this is because space heaters are designed to heat up the area around them, and your garage is likely home to many extremely flammable materials, such as fertilizer, paint, building materials, and pest control chemicals. When these things get hot, they can explode and do severe damage to your home.

Insulate the Garage Walls

Finally, and perhaps the most effective method of keeping your garage comfortable is to insulate the garage walls. If you choose to do this, your best option is to hire a contractor experienced with garage door repair in Lansing. Make sure that you get a number of estimates from different contractors, and hire the contractor who provides the best value, keeping in mind this may not necessarily be the lower price.

The temperature in your garage can greatly affect the temperature in the rest of your house. Make sure that it is also free of drafts and maintains a comfortable temperature year-round with these 5 ideas for insulating your garage.

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