Identifying the Cost of Garage Door Installation

There’s a wide disparity between what people pay for the cost of garage door installation. According to Home Advisor, a home improvement website, people paid between $325 and $2,000 for garage door installation last year, with the average homeowner spending about $1,063 to have a garage door installed. So why did some homeowners pay more and others pay less? Here are a few factors that will influence the cost of your garage door installation in Lansing.

To Repair or Replace

First, if your garage door isn’t working correctly, you may simply need repair and not a full replacement. It can be less expensive for things like garage door spring repair or garage door cable repair in Lansing. There are a number of parts that can malfunction, and the average cost to repair a garage door as opposed to replacing it is a lot less. Home Advisor estimates most garage door repairs cost between $148 and $323, significantly less than having a new door installed!

Still, there are a variety of reasons a homeowner may choose to replace their garage doors instead of repairing them, and of course, sometimes, replacement simply can’t be avoided. When it is required, here’s what the garage door professional will examine to determine the cost to replace your garage doors.

Cost of the Door Itself

You will have some control over the cost of the door. There are a variety of garage doors available at many different price points. If cost is a concern, homeowners have the option of choosing less expensive doors. A single door may cost as little as $200. Extravagant double doors, however, can cost as much as $4,000. Doors with more insulation cost more than doors without much insulation. This is called an R-value in garage doors. The higher the R-value there is, the more insulation, and the higher the cost. Remember, though, that a garage door with a high R-value can save you money in utility costs, especially in Lansing, where winters can be intense!


Finally, a professional will figure in the cost of labor. Some savvy homeowners may hope to forego the labor and do it themselves, but unless you’ve installed a garage door, experts don’t recommend you try it. Garage doors are extremely heavy, which can pose a serious danger, and the installation often requires some electrical work that many homeowners can’t perform. Generally speaking, a garage door contractor will charge you an hourly rate that will take into consideration the expertise required to do the job correctly. For example, if your garage door installation requires electrical wiring, expect to pay a bit more in labor costs. If you take bids for your garage door installation project, ensure that the contractor you choose includes removing and disposing of your old garage door.

Replacing your garage doors is a great way to add curb appeal and value to your home, and at a fairly reasonable cost. If you’re worried more about function than fashion, repairing a faulty door is often the least expensive option. However, if you decide to replace your doors, the new items will retain their value over time. Remodeling Magazine estimates that garage doors retain about 84 percent of their value in a home resale, making garage door installation in Lansing a pretty good investment! 


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