How to Tell If Your Garage Door Rails Need Replacing

There are lots of different components to a garage door. When all of them work properly, the garage door does its job. It opens and closes with the touch of the button, provides security from home invaders, and allows you to access the home as needed. But in order to keep it working well for as long as possible and prevent injuries and damage to one’s home, it’s important to stay on top of garage door repairs in Lansing. Knowing the signs that a particular part is in need of repair allows homeowners to make the repairs or replacements right away. Among the most commonly damaged parts are the rails. Here are 3 common signs that the rails need to be replaced in order to keep the door working as it should.

Shaking Door

If the garage door is shaking or making any other unexpected movement, it’s time to make the necessary repairs. This is potentially dangerous. The door could end up getting loose from the track and detaching from the rails. Then the door could swing down and damage things. To prevent this, it’s vital to contact professionals to make the necessary replacements. Along with replacing the rails, there may be other worn and damaged parts that need to be updated in order to get everything to work appropriately once again.

Uneven Door

Watch the door as it opens and closes. Does it appear uneven? If the door doesn’t open and close properly, the problem actually lies with the rails. The door could be slightly off track. Before trying to remedy this on their own, homeowners need to call in the professionals. Not only could making your own repairs lead to injuries, but it could also cause the garage door to fall off the rails completely, destroying any possessions underneath it.

When putting the door back on its track, we also take the time to check the condition of the rails and make sure that there are no further issues with the rails that need to be addressed. If so, we repair or replace them to ensure that the door won’t fall off the tracks again right after we leave.

Damaged Rails

Inspect the rails, and check them for any damage. Dents, dings, or other visible damage to the rails needs to be repaired or replaced as soon as possible. Even minor issues lead to bigger problems that cause uneven doors, shaking, and other issues. The rails need to be in great condition in order to ensure that the garage door smoothly opens and closes without endangering people or putting possessions at risk for damage.

If any of these signs are present, it’s time to contact the professionals for garage door repair.

Don’t wait! Any of these issues should be addressed right away in order to prevent further damage to the door or potential safety issues or damage to the possessions around it.

After contacting us, we work to inspect the garage and determine which parts are worn or damaged. Then, we make all of the necessary repairs or replacements to get the garage door back to its original condition.