How to Prevent Garage Door Breakdown

Preventative Maintenance

You change your furnace filter every two to three months to ensure your heating and cooling systems work properly year-round. Your underground sprinkler system is treated to service in the spring, and then again in preparation for winter. Why shouldn’t your garage door get the same preventative treatment? Regular garage door maintenance will help keep your garage door working smoothly and may even prevent costly repairs.

Winter is Here!

The calendar may say the season is fall but winter weather conditions have arrived in the Mid-west. If you live in Lansing, MI, colder temperatures and early snow mean it’s time to schedule an overhead garage door inspection. Winter is the time of year when you don’t want to be forced to leave your car in the driveway because your garage door is out of service. Contact a company which specializes in overhead door repair in Lansing.

Safety First

While it might be tempting to make repairs yourself to your overhead garage door, it’s best to call a professional. Garage doors are heavy and if the system is not working properly, it may cause serious injury. Your overhead door is also part of your home security system. If the door does not close properly, an intruder could get in and threaten your safety. Safety is the most important thing to remember when an overhead door system malfunctions.

Listen to Your Overhead Door

Your overhead door is a mechanical system and knowing what it sounds like when in good working order helps you detect when something isn’t functioning correctly. If you notice a change in the sounds your overhead door makes when it opens and closes, contact a professional as soon as possible. Regular professional attention to the overhead door system is one way to catch problems before they become major issues. Don’t be afraid to contact an overhead door of Lansing repair specialist. Even if you’re not certain of the problem, the specialist will be able to diagnose problems and offer repair options.

Pay Attention to Changes

If you hear your overhead garage door make unusual noises, or look at the system and see something that concerns you, don’t ignore the signs that something may be wrong. Not calling a professional as soon as you notice potential issues could result in costly repairs, or even worse, physical injury. A professional overhead door of Lansing inspection will help get your system back in working order quickly.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

Just like the other major systems in your home, the overhead door system should have a regular schedule for maintenance. Your overhead door professional is part of your home safety team. Yearly inspections to check rollers, tracks, springs, and hinges help find problems and correct them so you can have peace of mind knowing your overhead door system is in excellent shape.


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