Good Reasons to Upgrade Your Garage Door Opener

Is it time to upgrade your garage door opener? Many people are still using the same garage door opener that was installed when they built their house. If this sounds like you, Ingstrup Garage Door and Construction, your local Lansing garage door company wants you to learn more about the benefits of upgrading.

Safety Concerns

Did you know that even an old garage door opener can be hacked by tech-savvy burglars? This is because older doors aren’t equipped with the latest safety technology. Newer doors have rolling codes that make it harder for burglars to crack. In new openers, the codes change each time the door is opened. If you’re worried about safety and don’t want your belongings stolen or your family put at risk, don’t put off on contacting a Lansing garage door company. Contact them now to find out more about the latest available safety features.

Noisy Operation

The older your garage door opener is, the more noise it’s going to make. Newer openers offer quiet operation and don’t cause your doors to rattle. After a while, all that rattling does more than annoy you. It’s actually a leading cause for problems that require garage door repair in Lansing, Michigan. Upgrading to a new opener is often a win-win because you get quiet operation and you protect your garage doors from developing costly problems.


Newer garage door openers feature several exciting smart technology features. One feature that homeowners love is the live video feed. When robbers want to break into a home, they don’t usually break a window right away. They’ll look for unlocked points of entry. This means that they’ll spend some time casually walking around the house trying doors, including the garage door. Smart garage door openers have a video security feature built-in that lets you see what’s going on. Even if the robber does get into your home, the footage from the video feed is a great tool for the police to use to locate the criminals.

Another security feature is the locking feature. How many times have you left the house and not remembered if you shut the garage door? It’s happened to everyone once in a while. Smart garage doors let you check if they are closed from your smartphone or tablet. If the door is open, another feature lets you shut the door. This gives you peace of mind and keeps your home secure while you’re away.

Before You Install a New Garage Door Opener

Once you’ve decided you’re ready to upgrade, make sure to have your garage doors inspected. You don’t want to install a new garage door opener on a door that has problems. For example, if you have a garage door spring in Lansing, MI, that needs replacing, do this first. When springs pop or tracks are damaged, these problems make it difficult for any garage door opener to work. These problems could also cause damage to your new opener, and what good does that do you?

When you’re ready to install a garage door opener, work closely with your garage door company to find the best opener for the brand and type of garage door you have. Contact Ingstrup Construction at  517-374-4731 to schedule an appointment with a professional garage door installer for opener services, garage door spring repair in Lansing, and other garage door services.


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