Types of Garage Doors

You’re aware that your garage door protects whatever is in your garage from animals, pests, and the weather. When your garage door is in good repair, you can rest assured that you are getting the most from your current garage set up. However, your garage door can also be a source of beauty and generate a unique look for your home.

Carriage-type garage doors open outward from the center of the garage. They are decorative and functional. These types of garage doors can give your home a country estate feel; they come in beautiful designs and colors. With doors that open outward, you have more storage space available in your garage.

Sliding garage doors evoke visions of country living through their resemblance to barn doors. Since they slide to the side, they do not take up any space in your garage, which leaves you the space overhead to store things.

Garage doors that swing up all in one piece evoke images of the 1950s. They tend to be heavy, even with cantilevered spring action to keep them moving smoothly. Unless you have them on an automatic opening system, you might be better off getting the most popular of all door types.

The sectional roll-up provides the homeowner with the easiest to use of all garage doors. These doors move up into the ceiling of the garage, limiting storage space, but they are generally easier to repair, and changing out a section may be cheaper than replacing an entire door.

At Ingstrup Construction, we have over 20 years of experience handling the ups and downs of garage doors and their installations. We can help you find the best garage door for your home and install it. If you just need a repair, we can do that as well. Our technicians are professionally trained, but it is their experience that makes them so effective. Contact us now to schedule an appointment to get your garage door fixed or discuss getting it replaced. We look forward to making your home more beautiful with a brand-new garage door that will change the way your home’s façade is perceived.