The Importance of Regular Garage Door Maintenance

Most people know that their air conditioner and heater need regular tune-ups. They also know that they need to take their cars in for regular inspections. But, what about your garage door? Does that really need regular maintenance? The answer is yes, and this blog will explain why this service is so important for your home and your safety.

Prevent Major Issues

Just like with any other piece of equipment in your home, your garage door can experience major issues if you don’t give it regular maintenance. Springs can snap, motors can overheat and burn out, and doors can slide off tracks, causing serious damage. But, these big, expensive problems can be avoided if you have your garage regularly inspected.

Those springs can be replaced before they snap, the motor can be fixed before it burns out completely, and the tracks can be repaired to keep the doors in line. It is much easier to pay for inspections and repairs than it is to pay for new garage door installation in Lansing.

Avoid Serious Injuries

Though you might not think about it, garage doors can be extremely dangerous. Depending on the material and size of your door, they can weigh anywhere from 130 to over 400 pounds. Homeowners blindly trust the system of pulleys and tracks to safely lift and lower their garage door again and again. But, if something goes wrong when a person is nearby, serious injury or even death can occur.

This is yet another reason that regular maintenance is so important. A garage door system that fails completely is a serious risk to your family and to your property. It is simply not a risk worth taking.

These 2 reasons alone make regular garage door maintenance vital to your home and your family. So, find a company that can perform an inspection for you and, if necessary, provide overhead door installation in Lansing.