Different Types of Overhead Garage Doors

If you’re shopping for an overhead door in Lansing, the choice may not be as easy as you think. With numerous varieties of options available on the market today, you should carefully consider your property’s space requirements, personal taste, and preferences for function before buying. What are the top types of doors to consider?


Rolling doors can satisfy a wide range of needs, especially for commercial properties. The doors, which feature slats that coil up to store above the opening, are ideal for service and delivery entrances in warehouses, storefronts, and concession counters. The doors come in many material types and, depending on a business’s requirements, insulated and fire-rated doors are also available.


Sectional doors are comprised of multiple panels made of metal, wood, or composite material. In addition to a wide range of materials, the doors are available in various colors and profiles, including some that include windows or glass. Sectional doors are the most common today for a number of reasons: they’re quiet, effortless, and, if only a portion of a door is damaged, you just have to replace the impacted section rather than the entire door, which can help you save on repair costs.


While not as common nowadays, single-panel garage doors are still an option. As the name implies, the single-panel door is made from one solid slab that is hung on a hinge system. Springs allow the door to swing up and down manually or by an opener if the door is attached to one. When they open and close, the doors project into the driveway so your parking situation may impact your decision to consider this type of option.


For some businesses, the less time an overhead door is open, the better. In those cases, a high-speed door may be the answer. They open and close quickly so you can save on energy costs, improve security, and reduce the risk of door accidents. The high-speed doors come in different material types, including fabric and rubber.

No matter which style of overhead door you select for your home or business, you’ll improve the aesthetics of your property, enhance its function, and give it added protection. If you’re ready to start looking for an overhead door Lansing, call Ingstrup Construction to find out more about your options.