4 Helpful Tips for Overhead Door Installation

Empty garage interior in new house

If you need to replace your garage door and want to tackle the project yourself, you need to be prepared with the right tools and maybe a helping hand. After you purchase an overhead door of Lansing, the next step is to read the instructions to make sure you have everything you need to get started. Below are 4 additional tips for the install.

Use the Right Tools

Before you start on a project like this, you want to make sure that you have the right tools to finish the job. It would be annoying to take the old door off and realize afterward that you need to run to the store for a tool you don’t have. For example, you need screwdrivers, an adjustable wrench, a drill, safety glasses, and a stepladder. You also need a level to ensure the new garage door is installed correctly. To protect yourself, it’s best to wear safety glasses. Lastly, you should have pliers and a ratchet set handy.

Get Help

With the right tools and proper instructions, installing a garage door can be a DIY project. However, since the parts are heavy and require some working overhead, it may be advisable to have someone else to help you along the way. They can hand you the tools or support the ladder to ensure your safety while you work.

Double-Check Your Work

With an overhead door, you must make sure that it functions properly to keep people safe and prevent damage to your property. Once the doors are installed, they should slide smoothly up and down. If you notice that the door is off track even slightly, you can’t use it that way without risking damage to the door or the tracks themselves.

Hire a Pro

The most difficult part of the project is removing and installing the tension springs. You can do this by locking the door in place on each side with locking pliers. Then you can detach the cable safely. If you’re not sure how to do this, this is one of the steps you might want to hire a professional for.


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