3 Ways to Give Your Garage Door a Makeover

When you’re redesigning and upgrading areas of your home, it’s unlikely that the garage door is your priority. But shouldn’t it be? After all, for most homes, the garage door takes up the majority of your home’s facade, so a drab and dreary garage door can really affect your curb appeal. So here are 3 ways to makeover your garage door and improve the exterior of your home.

Add Some Hardware

It might sound strange, but adding a few pieces of hardware just for aesthetic appeal can really help to give your garage an entirely new look. Of course, you don’t need wrought iron handles to open your garage with that nifty remote you have in your car, but installing them with the right style of garage doors can give the garage a “carriage house” effect that’s very appealing.

Add Some Windows

Putting in a few minimalist windows on your garage can also upgrade the look of your home’s exterior. There are many options out there, from small, square windows that let in light without letting people see into your garage, to multi-pane garage doors that turn your garage into a virtual showroom. You can choose whichever you prefer, but either way, you’ll brighten your garage and upgrade your look.

Add Some Paint

If you can’t afford to change out your garage door panels or make other big changes, a fresh coat of paint can work wonders for a garage door. First, you’ll want to make sure any dents and dings in the panel are removed, so look for garage door repair in Lansing, Michigan, first. Once that’s done, you can add a coat of paint that complements your home’s exterior. This will give the garage a much-needed facelift and help to amp up your home’s curb appeal.

So, if you’re looking for a quick way to improve the look of your home, look for garage door repair in Lansing and try one of the upgrades mentioned above.


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