Should I Get a Steel Garage Door?

Choosing the right garage door for your home means considering affordability, durability and other factors. Keep reading to learn why steel garage doors can be a great choice.

What Are the Advantages of Steel Garage Doors?

Strength is one of the most significant benefits of choosing steel for your overhead door. This metal won’t dent as easily as other materials, and its tough construction protects your garage and possessions. 

Steel doors are also a durable choice. Hot, humid summers and freezing winters take their toll on garage doors, but steel stands up to whatever weather Michigan’s climate creates. With the recommended upkeep, steel garage doors can last for about two decades.

The benefits of steel garage doors also include their low maintenance requirements. Wash it a few times a year to keep it clean and schedule preventive maintenance to ensure your overhead door works properly and safely. Regular maintenance resolves minor issues and wear and tear before they require more significant — and costly — repairs. 

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Are There Any Drawbacks to Steel Garage Doors?

Steel can be susceptible to rust and may need extra maintenance if exposed directly to the elements. Corrosion-resistant coatings, paint and galvanized steel construction protect your garage door from moisture.

While steel lacks its own insulating properties, many high-quality steel overhead doors feature layers of insulation to ensure your garage maintains comfortable temperatures and energy efficiency. Winterizing your garage door can help your insulation be even more effective.

What Kind of Steel Garage Door Is Right for You?

Steel garage doors come in various designs, so you can choose the door that suits your needs and style. As a Clopay® dealer, we have several attractive steel overhead door options, including:

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We’ve been working with homeowners in Lansing and Grand Rapids for more than 25 years and are ready to help you choose your new overhead door from our extensive inventory. Contact us today for a free estimate on a steel garage door, or stop by our showroom in Lansing.


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