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Our Residential Front Door Collection in Lansing, MI

Did you know switching out your old front door improves your home's curb appeal and security?

Ingstrup Garage Doors and Construction is proud to offer a wide selection of residential entry doors to Grand Rapids and Lansing, MI homeowners.

Choose from high-quality doors made of durable materials like steel and fiberglass for cost-effective longevity.

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Arbor Grove Fiberglass Entry Doors

An Arbor Grove entry door has the classic aesthetic of a hardwood door.

The fiberglass surface replicates the look and feel of a wooden door with a realistic grain, and its structure makes it a more durable choice than genuine wood.

Fiberglass panels surround the 100% CFC-free polyurethane foam core, making the Arbor Grove front door UV resistant and waterproof.

Choose fiberglass that imitates cherry, mahogany or oak. You can also select one of 18 paint colors or eight stains.

Add a complementary new entry door to your home with this lightweight fiberglass option.

Craftsman Style Front Door

Like the wooden doors they emulate, Craftsman style fiberglass entry doors are simple and have a natural grain reminiscent of fir.

Doors in this collection are energy efficient, UV resistant and waterproof.

The Craftsman collection is perfect for homes in a variety of styles, including bungalows, transitional architecture and homes with clean lines complemented by the front door's simplicity.

Craftsman doors come in a variety of paint and stain options.

You can also add a space for a window and the optional dentil shelf, which adds depth and makes your classic door appear more rustic.

Rustic Fiberglass Entry Doors

Fiberglass front doors from the Rustic collection exude the same aesthetic as authentic Southwest and Mediterranean-inspired doors.

The Rustic Collection uses a cherry grain that looks like real wood. Like the other fiberglass front doors at Ingstrup Garage Doors, this style is insulated for energy efficiency and resistant to humidity and moisture.

These doors have a variety of paint and stain options plus an array of unique accessories.

Consider add-ons like clavos, strap hinges and speakeasies.

Smooth Fiberglass Entry Doors

Smooth fiberglass front doors have a simplicity that makes them versatile. Choose from solid designs or models with spaces for inserts.

The doors in this collection have design options for different elements like glass panes and finishes.

Rails, stiles and other accessories give your home a dash of character and charm.

Quality construction and thoughtfully selected materials give smooth fiberglass entry doors longevity, water-resistance and protection from fading.

The core and outer panels insulate your home and can reduce your energy costs.

Steel Residential Front Doors

Doors in the steel collection have strong lines that make them a statement piece for any home.

Sealed with The Finishing Touch™ system, these doors offer UV and water-resistance. Their polyurethane foam cores insulate your home, simplifying your HVAC system's job and lowering the amount of energy you use.

Choose from a variety of colors to complement your home's aesthetic. Shaped glass panes and decorative panel options make your dependable door a piece of art.

These doors blend beauty and security to keep your family safe and make you proud of your home.

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