The Importance of an Annual Garage Door Inspection

Most days, you give little if any attention to your garage door, and that’s totally understandable. As long as it seems to be working properly, you likely won’t give it much thought. However, like any other piece of machinery, your garage door can develop problems that aren’t always obvious, especially to the untrained eye. Continue reading to learn about the importance of an annual garage door inspection.

Safety First

The best news you’ll get from a garage door inspection is that there’s nothing wrong. Of course, that can make it seem like an annual inspection would be relatively unimportant. However, small little oddities of behavior, such as the occasional failure to completely open or close, can indicate that there are problems present or in development. You’ve likely learned that a spider web, leaf, or twig can throw off your sensors. A simple obstruction is not a serious issue, especially if it can be removed without difficulty. On the other hand, closing too quickly, opening too slowly, or shuddering can indicate potentially serious problems. Ignoring such signs can be potentially hazardous to both property and people. It’s best to keep safety in mind and get your garage door inspected.

Avoid Greater Problems

Big problems usually start small. You may think that your garage door is just getting old, so it’s totally natural for it to be a bit quirky or have the occasional jerk or jump. Those little aggravations can become more problematic and costlier to repair over time. You may simply need garage door cable repair in Lansing, and that’s something a technician can handle fairly quickly and easily. However, there can be problems with the motor or with the springs, and those can be a bit more challenging to handle. Detected and treated early, these issues can be resolved and repaired swiftly and with less expense in parts and labor. Of course, the key to early detection is having a regularly scheduled, annual garage door inspection. This is one of those cases where no news is always good news. It’s a good idea to keep an eye out for any peculiar behaviors of your garage door, but it’s always smart to have it routinely inspected, even if you haven’t noticed anything. Problems aren’t always readily apparent to the untrained eye.