Signs of a Failing Garage Door Spring

Whether you have a commercial or residential garage, the door springs are a very important and often neglected part of the system. While a lot of attention is given to the motors, it’s really the springs that hold everything together and control movement. There are extension springs that run perpendicular to the door and torsion springs that run parallel, but either kind of spring can break down over time. We suggest that you regularly maintain and replace them as needed after performing regular inspections. Here are some problems to check for before you get garage door cable repair in Kalamazoo.


One of the most obvious signs to look for when checking over your garage cables in Kalamazoo is rust or corrosion forming on your springs. This may seem like it’s only surface damage, but it can indicate a deeper problem.

Unusual Noises

You may need to repair garage cables in Kalamazoo if you start hearing any odd sounds coming from them. Be sure to pay attention to your garage door when it’s in good shape so that you have a baseline. That way, if you hear any popping, grinding, screeching, or anything else that shouldn’t be there, it’ll stand out more.

Unusual Movement

Garage doors need to open evenly and consistently, and any alteration in this bears investigating. You may need garage door cable repair in Kalamazoo if you find that one side of your garage door is going up or down faster than the other one. Since springs can get stretched over time, it’s a good idea to periodically check on their elasticity even if you don’t notice the door sagging. You can do this by closing the door and pulling the emergency release and then manually opening it to about your waist. If you let it go and it starts to fall down, then you may need to replace the springs.