How to Spot a Faulty Garage Door Spring

One of the most common problems that people call us for involving garage spring repair in Grand Rapids is for issues with the garage door spring. It’s important that homeowners who have issues with their springs contact us as soon as possible. Otherwise, bigger problems can develop. In order to contact us early on, they need to know what the signs are of a faulty garage door spring. Here are some ways to spot the problem right away.

Spring is Separated

There are 2 types of garage door springs: an extension spring and a torsion spring. Both extension and torsion springs come in sets of two. Most homeowners have a torsion spring. When the torsion spring becomes worn, it will actually separate into 2 parts. Walk into your garage and look at the spring. Are there any breaks in the spring? If you see any separation, then it’s time to contact us to replace it for you. If you continue to use your garage door when the spring has separated, your motor is going to have to work harder to open and close the garage door, which will burn out your motor quicker than normal. It could also cause the cables to go off the drum. It’s best to contact us and have us replace it right away.

Garage Fails to Open

When one pushes the garage door opener, it should send a signal to your garage door motor that it’s time to open. But what happens if it won’t open? Maybe it starts to open, but it won’t go very far before it goes back down. When the garage door isn’t doing its job, one of the first things that you should check is the springs. The garage door is very heavy, but the springs use torsion to pull it open. If the springs are no longer working properly, then they won’t be able to pull the garage door open.

Garage Won’t Stay Open

Not only will your garage fail to open when there are problems with the spring, but it may not stay open either. Maybe you’ve been struggling to get your door to open, so you choose to pull the red cord and open it by hand. When you go to open it by hand, however, you’ll find that it’s difficult to keep it open.

Why is this? Because the spring can’t support the weight of the garage door. You’re doing all of the work to open the garage door and keep it open. The minute that you’re no longer there to keep it open, the garage door will immediately close up again. To get it to stay open, you’re going to have to undergo repairs.

We understand the importance of having a working garage door. You need the convenience of being able to open and close it when you arrive or depart from your home. You need the peace of mind that your home is properly locked from intruders and burglars. You want to know that your children are safe when near the garage door. Watch for these signs of a faulty garage door spring, and contact us as soon as you notice any of these signs.