How to Select an Elite Garage Door Company

When it comes to your home, your garage door is an important part of your security. In garages that are detached from the house, the garage door protects the vehicle and anything else stored in the garage, like tools, gardening supplies, or boxes of family keepsakes that you can’t bear to get rid of. In garages that are attached to the home, the garage door provides the first barrier to someone or something getting into the home. Regardless of what type of garage you have, at Ingstrup Construction, Inc. in Lansing, MI, we know it is important for you to find the best garage door company. Here are some tips to help you do so.

Get Recommendations

When you need a garage door install in Lansing, the first thing you should do is ask family and friends if they have had any garage door work done, who they used, and if they were happy with the results. If you are a member of a homeowners’ association, you might ask if they have recommendations. That will ensure that the job is done to the specifications of the neighborhood where you live. You may also want to look at the Internet for comments about companies, and the Better Business Bureau can help you discover if there are any companies that stand out because of the number of complaints.

Get Quotes and References

Once you have it narrowed down to the company that you want to install your garage cable replacement in Lansing or any other garage door repair, you will want to ask the companies for the price of the repair or installation, the materials used, the time it will take, and what warranties they offer. This will allow you to exclude any company that is clearly out of your budget while giving you some idea of how much you will realistically need to get the work done.

After getting quotes, ask for references. Even though these references will represent jobs that the company knows were done well, you can still call and talk with the person who had the job done. Be prepared with questions about customer service, material used, and what problems the person experienced. Also ask when the job was done. References that have had recent work done will be better able to help you assess the current state of the company. Then ask if you can drive by and take a look at the work done.

Avoid Scams

If a Lansing garage door company seems too good to be true, it probably is. Companies that don’t have addresses may not be legitimate. Some of the companies will try to scam you by breaking something in the garage door mechanism and then charging you to repair it. Being there during the job may help you avoid this type of scam. Be sure to visit the storefront of a company so that you can get an idea of whom you are dealing with. Do not rely on the flashy ads of some companies. If your gut is telling you there is something wrong, you should move on to the next company available for your repairs.