5 Things to Ask Your Garage Door Company

A garage door that isn’t responding to its opener or that’s damaged needs to be repaired quickly. After all, your garage is one of the largest access points to your home. Housed inside of it, you’ll find tools, appliances, cars, and an entrance to the interior of your house. Why would you leave all of that unprotected? It’s important to call a garage door repair company at the first sign of trouble. While you do want a professional to handle the repair, don’t trust just anyone. Here are a few things you should ask before trusting a company to repair your garage springs in Lansing.

  • What kind of experience do you have in garage doors? If a garage door repair company has been in business for a while, they’ve seen all sorts of strange situations. Their expertise allows them to quickly examine, diagnose, and repair any type of garage door. By verifying that they have been in business for a while and are competent to handle the issue, you ensure that your garage door will be repaired correctly. Along with asking about their experience, ask to see pictures of recently completed jobs. Checking out websites and reviews is another great way to find someone trustworthy.

  • Who is going to be performing the work? It’s important to ask which technician will be handling the repair. This individual should be licensed, insured, and certified. Verify the time of the appointment and if possible, get the direct contact information of the person performing the work. Then, if there are any problems, you can reach them directly.

  • What is the warranty? All new garage doors come with a warranty. Make sure you understand what it is before having it installed. If you are just having a repair done, find out if the work performed is under a warranty. Once a warranty is explained, ask if you can have a paper copy of it. This ensures that you have proof if something happens in the future.

  • Do you offer maintenance on garage doors? While repair companies are equipped to install new garage doors and fix damage, it’s important to ask whether or not they perform routine maintenance. If they do, schedule your 12-month service in advance. This reduces your chance of forgetting about it in the future. Many times, there will be a discount for maintaining your garage door with them, especially after a new install. It never hurts to ask!

  • Is there a satisfaction guarantee? Many garage door companies offer a product and service guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with your installation at all, usually you can have the product swapped out for something different or get your money back. Any company that offers a service like this has confidence in their ability to make their customers happy. Avoid repair companies that don’t stand by their work.

  • Whatever issues your garage door is having, you should have it repaired quickly. Otherwise, you are putting your home and belongings at risk. Whether you simply need a repair or your looking at a new garage door installation in Lansing, by asking prospective companies these 5 questions, you’ll find someone experienced and trustworthy to do the job.